Wallet Splitter

An EVM agnostic wallet that splits crypto payments.


Anyone can send funds to the 0xWalletSplitter address, knowing the funds will be divided fairly between Alice and Bob.
Alice will call the release function to take her 50%.
Bob will call the release function to take his 50%.


Alice and Bob stared a company and will receive funds from DAOs, VC and anonymous donators. They each own 50% of the company.
Alice: How will we split the funds?
Bob: Send the funds to my wallet and I'll give you 50%.
Alice: I don't trust you.


Create a wallet that:
  • Splits funds without trust
  • Can be deployed on any EVM
  • Splits native and ERC-20 tokens
  • Simple UI for non devs

Open Source & Decentralized

Wallet Splitter Source Code

Contracts created by OpenZepplin

This contract allows to split Ether payments among a group of accounts. The sender does not need to be aware that the Ether will be split in this way, since it is handled transparently by the contract. - OpenZepplin

UI is also deployed on IPFS


Why Not Send Directly?

Bob: Why not tell DAOs and VC to send 50% to 0xBob and 50% to 0xAlice
Alice: That works but what about donators?
Bob: They can do the same.
Alice: Don't make sense. They'll have to pay fees twice.

Why Not Multisig?

Bob: Let's use a multisig wallet to divide funds
Alice: What's the threshold?
Bob: 1 of 2.
Bob: 2 of 2
Alice: Why do I need your permission to get my funds?
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